Aaron Rodgers confirms other teams tried trading for him apart from Jets, NFL fans speculate Raiders connection 


Aaron Rodgers’ appearance on the Pat McAfee Show put all speculation to rest. The rumored trade is real and he would like to play for the Jets in New York. While the deal isn’t done, the likelihood of Rodgers not moving to New York is incredibly slim.

Unfortunately, that means other teams missed out on Rodgers. The four-time MVP was theoretically available to other teams besides the Jets, but the Jets won out.

On the show, the quarterback confirmed that other teams had tried to make trades for him. He declined to say which teams, but did mention one player he would have been happy to reunite with.

Aaron Rodgers says that there were other teams interested in trading for him.Hints at “one particular guy” he wanted to reunite with. Sounds like Davante Adams and the Raiders, as Pat says.

Naturally, that caused even more speculation. The person he was most likely referring to was Davante Adams. Adams was in Green Bay with Rodgers up until this past season, when he was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Aaron Rodgers will likely be a Jet soon
Aaron Rodgers will likely be a Jet soon

With Derek Carr being released and signing with the New Orleans Saints, the Raiders needed two things: a quarterback and someone to make Adams happy again.

Aaron Rodgers fits both those bills, so it would have made perfect sense. However, the Jets were aggressive in their pursuit and seem to be in the final stages of trading for the future Hall of Famer.

Fans speculate on what other teams tried to trade for Aaron Rodgers

While the Jets have emerged from the pack, it’s very likely that a lot of teams reached out about Aaron Rodgers. It’s not often that a future Hall of Fame quarterback, albeit an aging one, comes available.

The Jets have been desperate to find a quarterback, so they outbid every other team that tried. Who were those teams, though? NFL fans have an idea or two.

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Aaron Rodgers said there were other teams and that it would have been great to reunite with one specific person. He didn’t say the Raiders and Davante Adams but..

Raiders & Davante Adams vs the Jets & Aaron Rodgers this year in Vegas 🔥

Raiders really thought they were gonna land Aaron Rodgers and just got Italian Derek Carr lmaooooooooooo

The Raiders seem like the most likely team that Rodgers was referring to. They have a player he’s particularly fond of and probably didn’t want to see traded away. Had Adams not left, the duo might still be in Green Bay for the foreseeable future.

Other teams that probably reached out to the Packers for Rodgers could be the Atlanta Falcons, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Indianapolis Colts or others.

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