Halo Infinite Adds Fan-Made Map Playlist, Fixing Huge Problem


A collage of Halo Infinite screenshots from the new community maps.

Image: 343 Industries / Xbox

Halo Infinite has had a rocky life. While it launched to critical acclaim, its multiplayer offerings have felt lacking, even compared to older Halo games’. One of the biggest problems facing the shooter is its lack of maps. And while 343 has added some over the last few updates, many bad maps (looking at you, Bazaar) are still around and still not great. Thankfully, 343 is reaching into the amazing pile of community-created maps to improve the situation.

Since November of last year (and even before that thanks to leaks) Halo Infinite players have been creating amazing things using Forge, the in-game map editor. At first, Forge was a neat tool that didn’t add much to the game. But in December, 343 added a custom game browser to Infinite, making it easy to find cool new maps and actually play them with people. Now, 343 is taking the next step and creating a matchmaking-powered playlist focused entirely on community-created Forge maps.

Earlier today, 343 both announced and launched the Halo Infinite Community Collection playlist across all platforms. The Community Collection consists of four fan-created maps—some brand new, some inspired by classic Halo maps—in one dedicated playlist. This is now the easiest way to quickly match up and play with others across some 343-selected custom Forge maps.

The first four maps added to this new playlist are:

  • Starboard – A remake of Halo 2’s Midship,
  • Perilous – A new map partly inspired by Lockout.
  • Absolution – A new arena made mostly of stone.
  • Salvation – A Banish-themed remake of the classic Halo map, Hang ‘Em High.

While a collection of cool new maps—including some much-needed remakes of previous battlefields—is wonderful news, I’m more excited that this is just the start. 343 says it has plans to add more fan-created content to this new Community Collection playlist “in the future” and will reveal these plans later. For now though, let’s enjoy this welcome injection of good new content into Halo Infinite.