“He cooked him ngl” – NFL fans go crazy over Aaron Rodgers’ brutal takedown of Adam Schefter on Pat McAfee Show


Aaron Rodgers’ appearance on the Pat McAfee Show put to rest the speculation about whether or not he was really going to go to the New York Jets. He confirmed that that’s where he wants to play in 2023, but the appearance wasn’t solely about that.

As he often does, he took the opportunity to rip into media members, particularly Adam Schefter. Rodgers has never been a fan of Schefter, so when the ESPN reporter reached out to ask about the decision, Rodgers lit into him.

After responding to the text, he brought it up on live television for the world to know. The quarterback said:

“Ask [Adam] Schefter what I texted him when he somehow got my number and texted me. I didn’t respond to Dianna Russini, she had my number as well. But I would say the same thing that I told Schefter. ‘Lose my number. Nice try.’ I’ll speak for myself. I’m sure there’ll be people that have their sources say I had a sheet of paper when I met with the Jets and I said sign these people. That’s not the reality, that’s ridiculous.”

Schefter took it well, though, and even took to Twitter to confirm that that is indeed what the four-time MVP had said to him. NFL fans were shocked at Rodgers’ brutal response to the reporter, though.

The opinion appears to be divided, with some NFL fans siding with Rodgers over his savage response and others believing he could have been kinder about the exchange.

Aaron Rodgers is effectively a New York Jet

The main purpose for Aaron Rodgers’ appearance on the Pat McAfee Show was to discuss his NFL future, which he did. He confirmed that he’s not retiring and that he does want to play with the New York Jets.

Aaron Rodgers will be traded soon
Aaron Rodgers will be traded soon

The deal to get him to New York hasn’t been completed yet, but reports surfaced before the announcement that the framework of a trade had been discussed thoroughly.

The next few days will likely see the two teams go back and forth, but the deal is effectively done. It’s more of a matter of when than if he gets traded to the Jets now.

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