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Despite the lack of a promo roster in packs during the FUT Ballers event of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, EA Sports has kept gamers engaged with a wide variety of exciting menu content. Not only have the developers released several overpowered special cards through SBCs and objectives, they have also added several enticing packs and player picks.

The FUT Ballers promo has been a massive success so far, with gamers appreciating the plethora of content available in-game. EA Sports has treated their fans even further with a brand new Mixed Campaign player pick SBC that offers players a chance to obtain expensive and overpowered cards in FIFA 23.

The Mixed Campaign Player Pick SBC is now available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 has been replete with an incredible gallery of promos and events, leading to an influx of special cards in FUT. The Mixed Campaign player pick offers gamers a chance to get their hands on a player featured in some of the most popular promos, including FUT Centurions, Road to the Final, and Future Stars.

The player pick consists of a choice between three players from any of the aforementioned promos, making it an enticing proposition for gamers around the globe.

How to complete the Mixed Campaign player pick SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

The SBC consists of two segments, each with its own pack rewards and stipulations. These are the specific requirements of each individual segment:

83-rated squad

  • Team overall rating: Minimum 83

85-rated squad

  • Team of the Week players: Minimum one in your starting eleven
  • Team overall rating: Minimum 85

The overall expected cost of the SBC is around 135,000 FUT coins, which is primarily due to the inflated price of high-rated fodder cards and Team of the Week players in the FUT transfer market.

Is it worth completing the SBC?

The three promo rosters featured in the player pool of this SBC consist of some of the most coveted and overpowered cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. These are some of the best possible outcomes, especially due to their price in the FUT transfer market as well as their abilities on the virtual pitch:

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic (FUT Centurions)
  • Neymar (FUT Centurions)
  • Mohammed Salah (FUT Centurions)
  • Leon Goretzka (Road to the Final)
  • David Alaba (Road to the Final)
  • Anthony Martial (Road to the Final)
  • Enzo Fernandez (Future Stars)
  • Jamal Musiala (Future Stars)
  • Julain Alvarez (Future Stars)

All of these players are worth several times the cost of completing the SBC itself. However, the possibility of obtaining undesirable FUT cards from this player pick is rather high as well.

Given how easy it is to obtain high-rated fodder in FIFA 23, the SBC is definitely worth a shot, especially with the caliber of cards on offer.

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