Next Level Chef season 2 episode 6 release date, time, and plot


Next Level Chef season 2 is set to return with another episode this week. In the upcoming episode of the competitive cooking series, the chefs will have to cook a dish based on alcohol and impress judges with their creations to ensure they don’t face elimination.

The synopsis of the upcoming episode reads:

“Competitors use skill to cook an alcohol-based dish; one chef is eliminated.”

Tune in on Thursday, March 16, at 8 pm ET on Fox to watch Next Level Chef‘s latest episode.

The upcoming episode of Next Level Chef will see contestants fuss over alcohol

In the upcoming episode of the Fox reality cooking show, contestants must create a dish based on alcohol. As per the format, they have to pick items for their dishes as the platform lowers, and the contestants on the topmost level, which is also the level equipped with the best equipment, will get the first pick.

Richard Blais took to his social media to share a promo for the upcoming episode, and by the looks of it, the contestants as well as the mentors seem to be feeling the heat. The clip teases the guest appearance of Nathan Evans, a Scottish singer from Airdrie, Scotland, who is best known for singing sea shanties.

In the clip, Nathan sings:

“This week’s cook won’t be a cruise as you infuse a dish with booze.”

In the clip, Richard explains what he expects from his team while Gordon seems determined to move up a level. Nyesha J. Arrington, meanwhile, seems upset with one of the chefs and tells them not to put her team’s safety at risk.

Gordon’s team faces a setback as the alcohol causes a small fire, and the team scrambles to handle it. He warns his team not to give oxygen to the fire.

According to pictures uploaded to social media by some of the contestants, Gordon Ramsey’s team will be at the bottom level, meaning they’ll have to cook with the least impressive equipment and be the last to pick their ingredients. The basement isn’t a fun place to be, but will the mentor be able to turn things around?

Moreover, there might be another problem on Gordon’s side as one of the chefs on his team, Preston Nguyen, who is the youngest of the lot, isn’t legally allowed to taste alcohol since he is only 19 years old. The Next Level Chef season 2 chef took to social media to post a snippet of the upcoming episode.

The caption read:

“The look Gordon gives you when he finds out you aren’t old enough to taste the alcohol for the challenge. Make sure y’all watch Next Level Chef this Thursday to see what I do with the Alcohol infused challenge in the basement!”

Meet Nathan Evans

Nathan Evans is a Scottish singer who is all set to appear in the upcoming episode of Next Level Chef as a guest. He was born on December 19, 1994, in Airdrie and gained fame during the Covid-19 pandemic on TikTok.

While the singer is known for his many musical endeavors, his version of Wellerman was a part of the UK Singles Chart and received a lot of recognition in other countries as well. Fans of the artist can catch him hitting some impressive notes on the upcoming episode of the cooking reality show.

Tune in on Thursday, March 16, at 8 pm ET to watch the upcoming episode of Next Level Chef season 2.

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