Professor Layton and the New World of Steam brings back the world’s best boy detective


Professor Layton and the new World of Steam already has a new trailer, confirming the best boy detective around Luke is back once again.

Level-5, developer behind the popular puzzle series, recently held a presentation showing off some of the games it has in the works, including another look at the upcoming Professor Layton title that was first revealed during February’s Nintendo Direct. The new trailer didn’t show off any gameplay (I mean, it’s gonna be more puzzles, obviously) but it does give us something more important than that: Luke!

When it was revealed in the Nintendo Direct, it was more of a “yeah, we’re making a new one” type deal, rather than telling us anything concrete about it. It was obvious there’d be some kind of new, very steampunk influenced setting, and the newest trailer has confirmed it would be set in America. Layton fans will obviously know that’s where Luke moved to with his family, so this game will reunite the pair for the first time in a long while.

The game is set one year after Layton and Luke parted ways in Unwound Future, with Luke inviting the Professor to America, a land where technology has advanced very rapidly, giving us that steampunk vibe. While the mystery itself is still, well, mysterious, as you solve puzzles, the city will develop even further. There’s no word on the English voice actors, but Layton’s Japanese VA Yo Oizumi is returning to the role, whereas Mio Imada will be taking over the role of Luke.

Level-5 also announced it is collaborating with YouTube channel and puzzle game developer QuickKnock, who will make the puzzles in the game.

Professor Layton and The New World of Steam is currently planned to release on Nintendo Switch, but there’s no release date in sight just yet, so we can all put our puzzle hats away for the time being.