Scottie Scheffler’s magical run serving as motivation for Jordan Spieth to imitate 2015 heroics


Scottie Scheffler is on an incredible run right now, and it’s inspiring Jordan Spieth. Scheffler has been incredible for a while now, but he’s really been in top form during the early months of 2023. He’s already nabbed a couple of PGA Tour wins, including a dominant showing at the Players Championship.

Scheffler’s run might be the best right now, but it’s hardly the only one golf has seen. In fact, Spieth himself went on a very similar run in 2015. Scheffler’s dominance has inspired the world number 14 golfer to go after it.

Spieth said this about Scheffler, via Marca:

“It’s such a hard sport; when you feel like you’re mastering it, there’s nothing cooler. He’s got be to feeling that right now. He’s had to have felt that way for quite a while now. But that’s what’s fun about this sport as well is you can get knocked down, you can feel the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs, and if you’re willing to kind of want to play that game, that risky game in it, then the reward is massive. That’s the goal, [it] is to try to get to that level. There’s a lot of steps to get there.”

Spieth is coming up on the Valspar Championship, which was one of the stops on his dominant run all the way back in 2015. If ever there was a time for Spieth to get hot, it’s now and it’s here at the Valspar.

Spieth isn’t the same golfer he was then, naturally. He’s not the dominant force he once was when he debuted on the PGA Tour, but he’s certainly still a talented golfer.

Jordan Spieth heaps praise on Scottie Scheffler

Not only is Scottie Scheffler inspiring Jordan Spieth to play better, but he’s just flat out impressing him.

Spieth said, in lavish praise for Scheffler:

“He’s got every shot, and then at this point, once he won last year and obviously won the Masters, I feel like his — when you’re presented with those shots, if you don’t feel like you have house money, you play them a certain way, but if you feel like it doesn’t matter, you’re going to play the shot that could go closest even if it means disaster could happen, you still sit there and go for it and pull it off…”

Jordan Spieth and Scottie Scheffler
Jordan Spieth and Scottie Scheffler

He continued:

“But I’m saying I can’t use examples of Scottie before he won. I’m not saying he didn’t play that way. I can go off myself and say that when I started to feel like a couple years out here and having some success, I started to just trust flop shots and stuff where instead of making sure you have a putt at it, you’re like, no, I’m going to try and see this go in, and I feel like he’s just playing like that.”

To Jordan Spieth, Scottie Scheffler is in a rare spot where he can do whatever he wants:

“There’s nothing to lose, everything to gain for him, and it’s a really nice place to be where he’s at. I’ve been there. It’s a really fun time playing golf that way when the ball does find the cup like that too.”

How much longer will this incredible run go for Scottie Scheffler and will Jordan Spieth embark on a run of his own?

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