Super 6 Partners with the new football programme of Prostate FC | Football News


Super 6 Partners with Prostate FC, the new football programme of Prostate Cancer UK, taking on the most common cancer in men together.

The Super 6 team are proud to join Prostate FC – the biggest team in football taking the most common cancer in men, and we’re calling on fans, clubs and everyone involved in football to get involved.

Save lives from the pitch, the sofa and the stands

One man dies every 45 minutes from prostate cancer. That’s a man from each team by the end of the match.

That’s why Prostate Cancer UK have launched their new home of football – Prostate FC. A community of fans that transcends rivalries and aims to save lives in every club.

Find out your risk of prostate cancer, share stories of how you are supporting the team and fundraise alongside a range of famous faces and supporters – including our very own Jeff Stelling…

He said: “I’m delighted to sign for the biggest team in football, Prostate FC, Prostate Cancer UK’s supersized squad of clubs, fans, managers and football personalities working together across the football industry to help beat the most common cancer in men.”

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