What happened to Naruto in Boruto Manga? Explained


The latest set of chapters from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations were packed with a ton of action and fans are quite anxious about Naruto’s well-being. Things were tense in Konoha ever since Eida and Daemon entered the village.

Sarada, Sumire, Kawaki, and Boruto were assigned a special mission and the very safety of the entire village depends on the success of this team.

That being said, there came a point when Kawaki decided to go AWOL, which sowed chaos among his teammates and those residing with him. He had an honest conversation with the Seventh Hokage in Hinata’s presence and things quickly escalated.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga.

Boruto: What did Kawaki do to Naruto in one of the recent chapters?

Kawaki performs a sealing technique on Naruto and Hinata (Image via Shueisha/Viz)
Kawaki performs a sealing technique on Naruto and Hinata (Image via Shueisha/Viz)

It has been quite evident that Kawaki’s hatred toward the Otsutsuki has only grown exponentially as the manga progressed. He wholeheartedly admires and looks up to Naruto, the Seventh Hokage. Kawaki believes that it was the Hokage who changed his life and gave him purpose.

However, Kawaki seems to have taken extreme measures to protect Naruto from the Otsutsuki threats. Kawaki fled from his residence and decided to go to Naruto’s house. He had a conversation with him and told him his plans of eradicating every single Otsutsuki out there. With this, he implied that Kawaki would not spare his close friend Boruto either. Hinata was emotional and slapped Kawaki for uttering these words.

What happened to Naruto in the Boruto manga was that Kawaki performed a sealing technique on the Seventh Hokage and Hinata. Shikamaru was shocked as Naruto and Hinata’s chakras were immediately erased.

Panic set in, and the protagonist rushed to his house to check on his parents. He encountered Kawaki in his path and the two engaged in combat. Sarada was able to retrieve information regarding the conversation that took place between Kawaki and Naruto through Eida’s help. Sarada rushed to the scene to help her dear friend out.

Kawaki explains what he did to Naruto and Hinata (Image via Shueisha/Viz)
Kawaki explains what he did to Naruto and Hinata (Image via Shueisha/Viz)

Kawaki revealed what he had done to Naruto and Hinata. He used a sealing technique known as Daikokuten. Kawaki used this sealing technique to transport Naruto and Hinata to a realm where they’re frozen in time. He guaranteed Naruto and Hinata’s safety, and his only reason for doing this was to ensure that they didn’t meddle when Kawaki decided to mortally wound Boruto.

Sarada made it in time and tried assisting her friend, but she was thoroughly overwhelmed by Kawaki’s strength. In an attempt to save Sarada, Boruto ended up losing his right eye.

Shikamaru, Mitsuki, and Sasuke intervene, holding Kawaki away from Boruto. Sasuke stated that he wouldn’t hesitate to kill Kawaki if he continued fighting. For a brief moment, Momoshiki made an appearance and had an internal dialog with his host, reiterating the fact that the end had already begun

Momoshiki talks to the protagonist (Imagevia Shueisha/Viz)
Momoshiki talks to the protagonist (Imagevia Shueisha/Viz)

Final thoughts

It is clear that both Naruto and Hinata are safe, and they will not be harmed as long as they are sealed. However, fans can expect Shikamaru to strategize and come up with a solution to rescue the two.

Kawaki’s intention to kill his friend will remain, but only time will tell as the two characters clash against each other in a battle to their death. It will be interesting to see whether the mangaka plans on neutralizing the Otsutsuki threat while retaining the characters or at the cost of someone’s life.

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