When will Andrew Wiggins return for Golden State Warriors? Latest update shared by Colin Cowherd on former champion’s comeback status


The curious case of Andrew Wiggins has continued to puzzle even the biggest NBA insiders. Ordinarily, fans can get an inside scoop from figures like Shams Charania or Adrian Wojnarowski. However, when it comes to Wiggins, there’s been no word on what has kept him from the team.

Wiggins hasn’t played since February 13th due to personal reasons. During that time, the team has continued to support the talented scorer. Last week, head coach Steve Kerr said that he hopes Wiggins returns before the end of the season but that it’s up to him.

The team is putting no pressure on Wiggins to return from something Kerr called more important than basketball.

As the regular season winds down, Colin Cowherd has now made a bold claim that Wiggins is done for the season:

“I was told last night Andrew Wiggins likely doesn’t return for the season.”